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In this series titled “Seasons”, I tackled the theme of change and transformation, a timeless and universal concept.
It represents the natural cycle of life and the ever-changing world around us.
Each season symbolises something unique, talking to us in different ways.
One year of creating on 16 canvases, continuously and separately.
It has been a journey around change, flow of life force and love of life.

I painted many years ago a triptych called Missing Seasons. It was almost like all seasons were present on each canvas, except one… I found it interesting and exciting because it meant something was still missing that I would eventually get back to.
Each canvas of this series has a height of 100 cm and width of 80 cm.

Why seasons? Because it symbolizes movement, transformation, accepting change. This cyclical life energy that connects us all on this planet, our human nature, body, growing up from childhood and our feminine cyclical movements. Our world as a collective and as individuals is experiencing much turmoil and difficulties. This is the time to go within and reconnect with our seasonal energies. This is the time to accept and allow for change and transformation to happen. I see nature as teaching us in this to accept change and allowing for new energies to take their turn. We are nature, and part of this ever-changing cycle.

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