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Face the pain of a break in life, and gain inspiration and courage to find your true path.

I take the reader through my journey of pain of almost giving up to create and how I found my own courage to start again.


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“Every heartbeat is a Universe of possibilities...”


This motivational course is for all those creatives who have stopped creating. If you are someone who used to live from your creative energies and have lost it because of a break in your life, then you are at the right spot.

The motivational course is based on my personal learnings from my life experiences as an artist, woman and mother and how I faced my deepest pain of almost giving up creating art and life some years ago, and how I found courage to transform and create again.

The themes of the course - which are also in my book “Creating again” -  cover areas that most creatives struggle with, which you have the opportunity to transform.

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