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“Art is my tool to make people go within themselves and to feel for the very essence of their Humanity, being part of the Universe as a whole. This is what moves me and through me my art as well.”

As a person who grew up in different continents, experiencing the faces of different cultures, Dodo uses her art to raise human awareness and to inspire others. Most of Dodo’s projects and dedications aim to unite people through art with the ultimate goal to bring the contrasts and differences together united by hope and love. 

Cultural Project linking together 43 Nations

Red Cross France Co-operation

Speeches and Lectures 

Artwork dedicated to Love

Borderless Art

Art is fun

Motivated by a deeply personal aspect, between 2009- 2012 Dodo worked on the Titanic cultural project. Dodo dedicated over 500 artworks to various passengers — irrespective of their national background, status or label — of the Titanic, celebrating its 100th Anniversary. Remembering the individual families and personalities Dodo also dedicated her project to her beloved grandmother.

The project conjures a poignant image of people boarding the Titanic led by the same hope, dream and aim to find happiness in life, just as so many of us today, unaware that they were destined to share a tragedy of unimaginable magnitude. They came from every walk of life, they were to be linked in collective memory forever.

Dodo’s grandmother passed away in 2011, in the 100th year of her life, however, months after this Dodo was rewarded with a new gift, the birth of her daughter.

In 2010, after the devastating Haiti earthquake with it’s catastrophic magnitude of 7.0 Mw, Dodo accepted to create 20 Plexiglas artworks for the benefit of the victims of the disaster.

The project ran hand in hand with Red Cross France and aimed to support the importance of the reconstruction of this colourful island, whereby Dodo offered 100% of the incomes for the cause.

Dodo created 20 artworks for the project. Each of them were named after a Haitian city and were created with the colours of the specific Haitian culture, reflecting its beauty and cultural vibrancy, to be protected and reconstructed.

Dodo believes that an artist can form and transform the society through art and its messages. Driven by her philosophy she aims to share her thoughts and experiences with her audience in multiple forms.

Beside being having written and spoken in public as well about the importance of art, Dodo has also encouraged students. In the teachings for university students for example at the International University of Monaco, Dodo aimed to give back to students the notion that change, transformation is a basic element of life and challenges are part of it.

Through her interactive speeches Dodo challenges others with her artistic perspectives to start to question things around them, what they hear, read about, to create new realities for themselves outside the box. Dodo’s topics at heart are acceptance of art in the modern society, including appreciation, motivation as well as women artists, human awareness and transformation of society towards a peaceful and livable world.

Highlighting the importance of unity in today’s society, Dodo created a special artwork dedicated to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco, symbolizing faith, love and the potential of new possibilities.

This special symbolical artwork combines many elements into one. It was created with symbolical materials such as coal, diamond, resin to celebrate the cycle of life, including love, birth and death.

The composition is divided in the middle and as the contrasts of the two parts are blending into each other they form one united piece.

the uniqueness of the art piece is that Dodo created it while she was expecting her daughter.

The Borderless Art project that Dodo envisioned invited 12 different  countries to participate and to display their 100 years of cultural  changes and heritage, linked to her artistic creations during an event series. The Berlin  based embassies, representing the  selected countries had the possibility to  showcase their cultural developments in a  joint event as well.

This project was almost like a reflection to  our present times, whereby the movement  of people from one country to another in  the name of hope and new life is an actual  reality, just like more than 100 years ago. 


Dodo's message is that our times and physical  spaces might be different but the hope, faith and dreams are the same. Where  there is appreciation of culture and art, the  borders diminish, overriding our physical differences for the aim of transforming our views and worlds.  

By becoming a mother, Dodo's horizon opened up also to the creative universe that children have. Besides passing on to her daughter the power for imagination and creation, Dodo realised that guiding children to be mindful through creating can add to the betterment of the future generation as well as enhance and broaden her own visions.

The objective of the project from one side was to give children the opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves while painting in a free joyful way.

The project had also a higher vision, to give back to other children in need with the paintings created by 29 children. 100% of the proceeds from the exhibited paintings were given back to other children in need through the non profit organisation CARITAS.

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