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Dodo Newman is a creator, a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin, Germany. Throughout her various life experiences in different parts of the world with people from wide range of backgrounds she has grown the inner knowing that we are all part of our universe, that we all belong to this vastness as One in different forms and ways.

She sees our universe as belonging to us just as we belong to it in our physical built up, in our mental curiosity towards it and in our spiritual connectedness. These are the recurring messages in her art forms, her inspirations in whichever way they translate themselves into, whether it is with traditional materials or with innovative, new mediums.

What interests and moves Newman most is what we cannot see with our physical eyes, the energies and diving into the unknown to discover new possibilities. She is passionate to bring these things alive, to uncover new worlds and energies, to give them visible forms, textures, colors. She aims to have an open eye and mind so that she can learn, discover and see beyond things.


"The differences and contrasts of our World and Universe give birth to new ideas and new creations. Each story is beautiful within itself to be told to others to teach, to flourish, to unite and to inspire.”

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