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Acrylic, oil on canvas


100 x 320 cm (4 canvases of 100 cm x 80 cm each)

Other details

Artwork on supported wooden frame. Ready to hang.

This is the ‘Spring’ part of the Seasons series.
It is the season of awakening from deep sleep as nature finds its way out from darkness. It is when new beginnings start, renewal in nature, in the plant and animal world, when we have more energies for our days, when visions become plans, which then become actions and actions bring change and transformation.
In our rushing culture it is difficult to see and realize that we are part of the changes of what surrounds us in a much bigger and deeper scale than the ones we notice every day. We have our internal tides that are in harmony with the ones of our Universe as we are influenced by all its forces. We experience cycles just like all the stars, the Moon, the Sun, the Earth and other Planets. All is connected and meaningful from the level of Life. This is what the connected canvases convey us with a flow that is continuous.

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