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Elemental Forces

Some time ago, I stumbled upon a few forgotten rolled up canvases, each a time capsule of past inspirations, hidden for nearly 15 years. As I explored them, I felt a surge of anticipation for something new.

What emerged from these canvases was somewhat magical—a symphony of elemental forces: fire, water, earth, air, and space. Vibrant hues and dynamic strokes pulsated with energy. It's as if the canvases themselves contained a message and were urging me to breathe new life into their forgotten forms.

Delving deeper, I found myself entranced by the interconnectedness of these elemental forces, the very essence of creation itself told by ancient wisdoms, traditions and across all cultures in our World.

From the fiery dance of flames to the tranquil depths of water, from the solid earth beneath our feet to the boundless expanse of the cosmos, each element weaves a story, transcending time and space.
What began as a journey of rediscovery has blossomed into a creative journey for me— an exploration of the elemental forces that shape our inner and outer world and infuse it with wonder and beauty, showing how everything is inter-connected.

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