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Elemental Transformation-Fire


Acrylic, oil, pigments, oil pastels on unstretched canvas

Fire brings Light and is connected to quick transformation. When I think of Fire, it is passionate, wild, transformational.
It is one of those elements that has two contrasting sides: can purify and can also destroy. Like the sun that brings life to us, to all living beings, to our planet, it also holds the power to transform through destruction.

In this piece, what emerged as I painted were a sense of magical creatures, such as the Dragon and the Phoenix. It is mo wonder that they both are associated with fire, as an element to bring about change and to transform.

My message with this part of the series is to honor and integrate wisely all elements, even the ones we fear most. The lesson we can learn from fire is to accept its power for brisk transformation when needed and allow for change to occur.

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